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How We Help


Our customer use cases benefit immediately

from six years of investment 

that created disruptive real-time data platforms and highly customisable applications.


TechniCap combines big 4 consulting capabilities with technical design, configuration and integration skills to rapidly deliver measurable benefits.


Our customers benefit immediately from eight years of investments that built disruptive real-time data platforms and highly customisable applications.





Delivering services to Deloitte and jointly working in the market.




Global Scientific Traceability Company

The operating environment that TechniCap has helped design and build is accelerating our ability to become a data first company and supports our rapid growth. The speed and quality of their work is something we have come to rely on.



A company believes: 

  • They need to increase headcount before sales can grow.  

  • Sales could improve if they understood their customer's journey.

  • They can responsibly sell their data if it is collected and transformed correctly.

  • Receiving data or analysis faster than a competitor will increase sales.

  • Excessive manual data sharing impacts cost-efficiency i.e. emailing spreadsheets, extensive use of SharePoint or large teams are consolidating data.

  • The mobile workforce is inefficient due to heavy reliance on manual processes.

  • Digital transformations are not delivering tangible solutions.

  • Digitisation is delayed and overly reliant on expensive end-state technology.

  • Rapid transparency is needed to underpin performance or risk.

  • Continuous cleansing is required between source systems and data lakes.

Digitising an organisation without the need for large scale systems investment


Live Trading

Increased commission in a live trading environment

Brokers require targeted information to be delivered in real-time so they can identify and execute trades more efficiently. The more trades they make the more commission payments they receive.

Our services have digitised a significant amount of manual effort required to collect, analyse and report real-time information so the volume of daily trades and therefore commissions received can increase.


Automate company loan re-valuations

Customers pay third parties to re-value loan commitments on a quarterly basis. The exercise requires customers to manually populate templates for submission to a third party (often in Excel). The templates are then manually stored and aggregated before adding new external data to re-model and report the loan valuation.

Our digital solution enables real-time collaboration between customer data, external data, re-valuation models and reporting that eradicates the manual effort associated with a series of repetitive "one-off" activities.

Service Pricing Approvals

Remove manual effort and speed up bundled product or service pricing approvals

Bundled product and/or complex service pricing often has a high cost of sale and long lead times. Creating auditable cost and pricing information to meet legal, technical, financial and commercial governance requires a high degree of manual effort to extract and model complex data sets from multiple source systems.

Our digital solution enables real-time collaboration between multiple data sources, Excel, existing pricing models and reporting suites thus, eradicating manual effort, speeding up approvals and creating auditable data sets that can be used by multiple interested parties.

Real-time Governance Reporting

Remove manual effort and improve auditability of internal governance reporting

Businesses internal governance often requires periodic review of financial, operational, commercial and customer performance information where the responsibility to collect and analyse the data is federated across multiple roles and stored within multiple siloed systems. Operating this governance is costly to produce and onerous when "what if" scenarios are required to answer management queries.

Our digital solution collaborates across multiple data sources, Excel and existing reporting suites. Enabling multiple users to meet their own obligations with automated aggregation and consolidation preparing reports for management use. Thus eradicating the manual effort from repetitive "one-off" activities, speeding up responses to "what if" scenarios and creating a clear audit trail for interested parties.

Digital Data Company Growth

Creating a digital data company that can grow without the need to recruit more employees

Organisations are seeking to digitise their end to end business processes so they can grow without the need to hire more people. However, existing technology estates are fragmented and the source data is often conflicting or missing key fields.

Our solutions enable existing systems to collaborate their data in real time, cleaning the data against a master data management framework whilst maximising the benefits of best of breed technology which can include Excel. We focus on automating the digital exchange of data as early as possible in the process without wholesale change to a users interface. This creates early benefits without large scale disruption to the current processes, creating a less disruptive transition path to a more efficient digital process or new digital operating environment.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer automation

Knowing your customer (KYC) is increasingly important to negate the risk of taking on the wrong customer. However, relying upon an overly manual operation of this process can add significant cost to an organisation and put salespeople off engaging with a customer in the first place.

Our KYC platform delivers a digital experience for both employees and potential customers, whilst automating data flows, workflow and documentation requests in a digitally efficient manner.

Customer Billing

Automation and improved accuracy of complex customer billing

Where customer billing requires monthly collection and aggregation of fragmented pricing, commercial and operational data, processes are often highly manual with an ever-present risk of inaccuracy. 

Our digital solution enables real-time collaboration between multiple data sources, Excel, and existing customer-facing applications to make the best use of the current technology landscape whilst eradicating unnecessary manual effort and reducing the risk of error.

Performance Reporting

Real time performance reporting that drives "in the moment action" to reduce cost or increase revenue

Businesses increasingly seek to use real-time information to drive actions that improve revenue or reduce cost in the moment. Currently, companies wait for batch processing of historic data to analyse what happened and use it to create patterns of what could happen in the future, then repeat this process over and over again.

There are significant benefits to receiving live data processed against business rules to report key performance indicators. One example is where live store profitability is linked to marketing promotions and third-party supply agreements. This information would enable daily decisions to be made on promotion performance and/or third-party commercial terms to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Regulatory Reporting

Automation of "must do" Regulatory reporting whilst creating an auditable data trail

Regulators requires large volumes of detailed data from multiple departments and sources to complete their analysis of Regulated topics.

Our solution enables collaboration on source data and business logic to report the required information in real time whist creating a detailed audit trail, removing the need for manual "one off collection exercises."

Data Orchestration

Data orchestration of IOT and internal business information to reduce cost or increase revenue

Data from multiple sensors will enable businesses to affect the cost of its operation in real time.

Our solution can orchestrate IOT data, external data and internal business data to remove the need for significant manual effort and inform actions that can reduce cost in the moment.

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