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Endless review cycles, why can’t you just start?

Is this a familiar feeling after another Steerco?

Should I spend more time developing the theoretical benefits and technical design or just prove the solution can work? I know both activities will cost the same and the business users are growing increasingly impatient. How long can I rely on a high energy presentation to bring my PowerPoint to life, I feel trapped in an ever decreasing circle.

“If only I could just build something, what else do I need to prove? If I can just start it will all become clear”.

You wonder if you can personally take the risk to progressively create the solution. But the company process requires you to assign a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, dedicated points of contact across the business, IT infrastructure and applications management... it all feels a little over engineered.

All you really need is: A sample data set, a test environment and flexible Platform free from “red tape”, access to developers and a few willing users to test a working solution.

Then you can start small, connect to data, configure the Platform and create a working solution that the project board can test, before granting you approval to continue!


Cloud and disruptive technologies can immediately create test environments to progressively create solutions. TechniCap’s Blueport Platform can operate as a test environment and be ready in days to:

  • Connect with multiple data sets including Excel

  • Configure services that add workflow, complex calculations and user interfaces

  • Create new digital solutions

Free your teams from endless document production and change the tone at the next steerco…

“I love what you’ve created and we’ve spent less than expected!”

What a feeling that would be!

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