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Our Approach

We use our consulting skills and proprietary technology platforms to rapidly configure solutions at a compelling price point.


TechniCap Partners put their customers

at the centre of a solution.

TechniCap's strategy is to put customers at the centre of our solutions and integrate “best of breed” ecosystems to deliver measurable benefits. This means we can integrate legacy systems, world-class applications and include bespoke user requirements at a compelling price point. 

Communication Tower

We add online portals, workflow, data transformation, master data management and reporting to augment data between your ERP’s, Web Pages, Apps, PDF documents and even Excel. Our platforms support desktop and mobile devices and are cloud based to meet your “cloud first” policy



Our proprietary digital platforms quickly deliver solutions

that seamlessly integrate with existing systems

TechniCap defines the desired business outcome

Connects relevant systems to the Blueport Platform

Configures targeted services to automate processes

Creates new capabilities to bridge data or technical gaps

TechniCap can provide the whole solution or integrate best of breed components.

TechniCap has a number of cloud-based platforms that already exist and share data on a real-time basis to support a number of businesses across multiple sectors. The origin of the Platform was to support brokerages that focus on currency options trading and oil swaps. They required real-time data collaboration, analysis, workflow, audit trails and automation across external and internal data sources that even included Excel on individual computers.  

The Platform is hosted in the cloud (but can also be deployed locally), with a set of reusable objects that can be tailored to rapidly digitise processes that have never handled data in this fashion before. Its flexibility also allows TechniCap to develop further applications around the platform such as mobile apps, customer and supplier portals, analysis, reporting and digital workflows.​

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